Auditing Corporate behavior

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This world is ever changing, and so is your company. It’s time to ensure that your corporate culture is working, still relevant, and ethical.

The first step is to affirm that your company is utilizing ethical behavior. What does that mean? Basically, just check and make sure your company and its employees are still being ethical. If you do your investigation and find out that there are issues in this department, you may want to revise some of your policies. Ethical behavior is very important in a business, not only for the employees but to the customers also. What are some ways you can check up on ethical behavior? Follow up on employee and customer complaints. Make sure that the company is providing what it promises.

Investigating incidents, like safety and harassment is the next step to making sure your corporate behavior program is working. This is the time where it is very important to utilize your human resources team. You need to know why these incidents are happening in order to evaluate if they can be prevented. If you see there are a large number of incidents in a particular department, or because of a reoccurring theme, it may be an indication that you need to revise some of your policies. It’s important to know what is going on in the company, which is the only way you can change things for the better.

After you have reviewed all of the information, you need to evaluate the progress your new behavior program has made. Reviewing progress is important to see if you are implementing the correct changes. Finding out that 38% of your staff quit their job after implementing the changes in policies, may indicate that your policies are too tough. Noticing no change may indicate that you need to make the policies more specific. Share your results with your supervisors they may have insight on what can be done to further the progress of the company.

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