Diversity & Inclusion: how does Your organization fare

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This article gives you a brief overview of diversity and inclusion and the requirements for your organization.

Diversity brings many perspectives to a company, which is positive for the growth of individual employees and the company as a whole. Here are some specific benefits to companies that have a diverse workforce:

· Large pool of knowledge

· Fulfill the needs of your existing customers

· Appeal to a larger, global customer base

· Loyal employees

· Legal compliance

Managing diversity in the workplace is an integral function of the Human Resources department. Using the company’s written policy of diversity, HR must be able to effectively communicate these requirements to leadership, who must in turn be able to implement and ensure compliance by employees. Skills such as effective communication, treating each employee uniquely, promoting the collaboration of diverse small groups within the larger group, and being open-minded, are essential to managing diversity.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

A zero-tolerance policy is a plan that’s designed to prevent objectionable behavior. Additionally, it outlines the consequences for not adhering to the policy. Each company is responsible for drafting its policy and ensuring all pertinent elements are included. Some of these elements include:

· Prohibited behavior

o Physical harm to others

o Discrimination

o Sexual harassment

· How to report non-compliance

o To whom it should be reported (e.g. supervisor or HR)

o Reporting method (e.g. hotline or written report)

· Consequences for engaging in such behaviors

o Verbal warning

o Written warning

o Termination o Legal action

· Company’s responsibility

o Provide training on the policy

o Encourage employees to report incidences

o Enforce punishment for non-adherence

· Employees’ responsibility

o Understand the policy

o Report incidences

How would your employees rate you and your organization on diversity and inclusion?

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