Tenacity & the power of follow through

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Tenacity is that sense that you are going to see something through no matter what. When we find ourselves confronted with large or difficult tasks, we often feel overwhelmed. This feeling of being overwhelmed can oftenlead to low arousal blue emotions such as dejection and depression, and it is precisely at such times when we need to cultivate the high arousal emotion of tenacity. So how do we do it? Here are some suggestions:

> Begin with the end in mind. Before you begin a task, understand what it is that you are doing, why you are doing, and what will it look like when you have successfully completed your task.

> Break a big job down into smaller and simpler jobs.

> Set goals and be sure to tell someone you trust about your goals. This puts you on the hook.

> Identify people who have achieved what you are trying to achieve and cultivate a relationship with them. How did they accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish?

> Develop a timeline for your goals and strive to adhere to it.

> Remove distractions and use these as rewards for after you have accomplished your goals. Most importantly, don’t let perfection become the enemy of progress. When we fail to reach a goal, it is natural to give up, but this is the most important time to keep going. Even if you didn’t meet an initial goal, you probably are better off than when you started, and this needs to be celebrated.

> Keep in mind that improving your enthusiasm and confidence levels also serves to improve your tenacity, so that all the suggestions in previous sections apply equally here as well.

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