VICAR GROUP, LLC sponsors down to business with v television show

TV with Purpose

Airing every Monday at 3:30 pm CST on WFBD/BLAB, V. brings actionable information to the audience to help to protect their businesses, families, and the community at large. "Let's get down to business!"

Venesulia Carr, CEO of Vicar Group, LLC, is proud to announce their sponsorship of cybersecurity television show "Down to Business with V." hosted by Venesulia Carr. Down to Business with V. is a cybersecurity television show that explores the latest cybersecurity threats, attacks, and prevention methods. Each episode features interviews with cybersecurity experts, business leaders, and government officials.

Venesulia Carr, CEO of vicar group and host of the show stated "I’m excited to bring my knowledge and experience in cybersecurity awareness to television. I hope that the show will help businesses and consumers protect their data and prevent cyberattacks."

Vicar Group, LLC welcomes "down to business with v." as an opportunity to educate businesses and consumers about cybersecurity threats and prevention methods.

About Down to Business with V

V Down to Business with V. is a talk show hosted by business woman, entrepreneur, former Marine, and CEO of the Vicar Group, LLC., V. Venesulia. Airing Mondays at 3:30 pm CST on WPAN/BLAB, V. brings actionable information to the audience to help protect their businesses, families, and the community. "Let's get down to business!"

About V. Venesulia Carr

V. Venesulia Carr is a former United States Marine, entrepreneur, CEO of the Vicar Group, LLC, and host of the television show Down to Business with V. As CEO of the Vicar Group, LLC. and founder and Executive Director of IDRA the Agency, V. serves as an operations and management consultant, creating strategic plans to help organizations streamline operations, reach peak efficiency, and meet target goals. She is a speaker, consultant, and trainer for businesses, universities, government, and NGOs domestically and internationally.

As a speaker, V. provides thought leadership on monetary policy, the global economy, digital currency, the metaverse, and other futurist technologies and their real-world applications in business, government, and civil society. She is currently using her expertise in the financial sector, providing leadership on operations and projects focused on cybersecurity, fraud mitigation, process improvement, organizational development, digital transformation, and change management.

In addition, V. serves on the Board of Directors for WiCys Florida, ReEntry Alliance Pensacola, and the Greater Pensacola Symphony Orchestra and leads entrepreneurs, executives, and civil leaders through business strategy think tanks in Miami, Washington, DC, New York, and Florida's Gulf Coast.

As host of Down to Business with V., V.'s polished, professional, diplomatic, yet strictly business, no-nonsense sensibilities are on display as she brings awareness to cybercrime, fraud trends, and information security best practices for business owners and the everyday consumer. She is passionate about bringing information security and cyber security awareness to organizations and citizens through briefs and training to aid in risk remediation and scam prevention.

About Vicar Group, LLC

Vicar Group, LLC is a US-based consulting firm specializing in operations and management consulting to bring essential business resources, long-term strategic planning, and practical management solutions to commercial clients, not for profit, universities, and government organizations domestically and internationally. We streamline business processes, remove tactical barriers, and clear the way for continued business success. Vicar Group, LLC's management, and leadership development strategies ensure that clients attract, retain, and refine the best leaders that the industry offers. Vicar Group, LLC executes strategic and tactical assessments providing solutions to complex operational problems to improve business operations. We are efficient, effective, and practical as we implement industry best practices to achieve goals. WE EMPOWER PEOPLE. WE EQUIP COMPANIES. WE IMPACT CULTURES. WE CHANGE THE WORLD. For more information on the Vicar Group, LLC, please visit


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