VICAR GROUP, LLC Launches cyber division

Digital Transformation, Change Management, Futurist Technology, Crypto, Metaverse, NFTs

PENSACOLA -- Vicar Group LLC is excited to announce the launch of its Cyber Division. This new division focuses on cybersecurity awareness, information security, and futurist technologies including the metaverse and cryptocurrency. The Cyber Division provides a range of services, including cybersecurity and information security awareness training, and consultations and briefs on digital transformation strategies for futurist and emerging technologies including the metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

“Adapting to the digital landscape is more important than ever, and we’re committed to helping businesses and individuals adapt, evolve, and stay safe online and ” said Vicar Group CEO, V. Venesulia Carr. “Our Cyber Division provides expert advice and solutions that bring awareness to emerging technologies as well as how to safeguard against the latest threats.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation, brief, or request training, please visit email us at

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Cyber Division